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If you live in Fulton County, GA, and you’re thinking about tackling a DIY deck-building project, you may want to take 5 minutes and read this blog post first. There are several benefits to hiring professional deck builders in Fulton County vs. building your deck yourself. “I want to save money,” is the usual reason that homeowners attempt to build their own decks instead of hiring Fulton County deck contractors. But what if we told you that in the long run, hiring professional deck builders will actually save you money? Do we have your attention now?

The professional Atlanta deck builders at Royal Deck offer expert services for reasonable prices, and you just can’t go wrong when you hire a professional team to build your deck. If you want your deck built right, call Royal Deck. Keep reading to learn why.

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The Value of Professionalism

First of all, professional deck builders in Fulton County, like the ones at Royal Deck have made it their careers to build new decks, resurface old ones, and construct perfect porches for homeowners all over the Atlanta area. So when you partner with them, you aren’t getting some DIY handyman from down the street, you are getting professionally-trained, highly-skilled builders who know how to build a deck- they could do it in their sleep!

Comparing that to a DIYer, no matter how skilled, they just don’t have the extensive experience and knowledge required to build a deck in the same way a professional team can. There will be missteps along the way when you build a deck (DIY), and those missteps will cost you, sometimes thousands of dollars! And in some rare cases, it can cost even more than that. Many people get seriously injured from working power tools they aren’t familiar with, and the amount of back injuries from incorrectly carrying heavy wood boards, and being crouched in awkward positions, is likely too many to count. Hiring professional deck builders in Fulton County is the easiest way to avoid expensive and painful mistakes, and get it done right, the first time.

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Benefits of Hiring a Professional Deck Builder

Warranty Options

When you hire our experienced deck builders in Fulton County from Royal Deck, you get the peace of mind that comes with having professionals perform a service. Along with a sturdy and structurally sound deck, you get the benefit of their warranty options. If something goes wrong with your deck, you can contact the builders, who will then come out and fix the problem. Easy.

If you build your deck on your own you have no one else to blame but yourself when something goes wrong. You’ll have to fork out even more money to replace a deck board that is warped, or if a more serious, structural issue arises, you need to find the solution on your own.

Many homeowners contact us at this point when a DIY deck needs to be fixed, and we come out to inspect it, only to realize that there are foundational issues and we have to fix the entire thing in order for it to be safe. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve encountered regretful homeowners who wished they just had called us first.

Life’s too short to live with regrets! Contact Royal Deck first, to get your deck built right.

More Experience

Royal Deck’s professional deck builders in Fulton County build decks, all day, every day. They say it takes 10,000 hours to become a total master at something. 10,000 hours is about a year and a half of time. Most of our Atlanta deck builders have been working in the industry for years and our company has been in business for over a decade.

Not only are we all masters of our craft, but we also have the advantage of facing every deck challenge you can imagine, so no matter how big or small your deck project is, our Fulton County deck contractors can build you a deck that is exactly what you want. We work with all types of budgets and we know the tricks of the trade to get you the deck you want, for the price you can pay.

One mistake DIYers make when building a deck is to underestimate the amount of product they need. So they end up having to go back to the store to get more materials, costing way more than they initially thought. Partnering with an experienced crew means you get exactly what you’re quoted in the initial consultation. That alone, is a good reason to hire professional deck builders in Fulton County.

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Saves Time

So you watched a few deck-building videos on YouTube and you’ve made a materials list, and have a plan. Well, we hate to be the bearer of bad news, but DIY projects are notorious for never going according to plan. What you initially thought would be a weekend project has not turned into two weekends, and now three, then suddenly it’s been over a month and your family is nagging you about when the deck will be finished.

Building a deck properly takes careful planning and precision. No matter how good your intentions are, there are certain processes that our professional deck builders in Fulton County have streamlined to be as efficient as possible. If we give you a one-week timeline, we will keep to the schedule, unless of an unforeseen circumstance like extreme weather or material delays. Your free time is valuable, and hiring an Atlanta Deck Company like Royal Deck allows you to spend your precious time doing things you love, while we build your deck. An added bonus, you can enjoy your new deck in weeks rather than months, or next season.

Saves Money

This is a big one. We know everyone wants to save money, and in fact, that is usually the number one motivating factor for DIY projects. We will admit, initially a DIY may be cheaper because you aren’t paying for labor. However, as we mentioned before, mistakes always happen, and the cost of extra material adds up.

Another factor to consider is you are paying full price for decking materials whereas professional deck builders in Fulton County work with bulk materials, so in fact, you could pay less material costs by going with the pros. Royal Deck has competitive rates and we can work with your budget to give you a well-built deck for a price you’re comfortable with.

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Attention to Detail

Finally, our deck builders in Fulton County are true deck artists, and when you partner with Royal Deck, you get an incredibly well-built deck with careful attention to detail. Nothing goes overlooked, and you can trust that every aspect of your deck has been meticulously thought about, and constructed with precision and care.

We can customize your deck to meet your specific specifications, ensuring your deck is unique and original. No two yards are exactly the same, which means, no two decks are either. Our deck builders in Fulton County will carefully inspect your yard and draft plans for a deck that fits perfectly with your landscape and the aesthetic of your home. This is just another benefit of working with a team of professional Atlanta deck builders from Royal Deck.

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Choosing the Best Deck Builder

Hiring a professional deck builder in Fulton County is an option that’s within reach for everyone. Even with a small budget, our Atlanta Deck Company can help you create a deck that works for your circumstances. Everyone deserves to enjoy the outdoors, and if you need a deck built, don’t feel you have to go at it alone.

Royal Deck is committed to providing all homeowners with the peace of mind of having a well-built and structurally sound deck built on their property. Hiring our deck builders in Fulton County means you get the highest quality customer service, cost and time savings, warranty protections, and complete customer satisfaction.

You have nothing to lose! Forget the DIY and call our guys! Contact Royal Deck today to get a FREE, no-obligation quote, and let’s build you a deck that lasts!

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