5 Exciting Deck Resurfacing Ideas For an Old Deck

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If your old deck has seen better days, you may be looking for some deck resurfacing ideas to help liven up your deck. Depending on the current condition of your deck, you may be able to keep a large portion of the foundation and get away with a simple deck refacing, which consists of just replacing the superficial deck boards with new ones.

If the foundation has any rot or decay, it may require an entire deck overhaul. This could end up being a blessing in disguise, as now you can entirely reimagine your deck space, creating the dream deck you always wanted. Even if you only require simple resurfacing, we can create an entirely new look and feel for your backyard living space.

The experts at Royal Deck in Atlanta, have the experience and knowledge to help you reimagine your deck space, creating an exciting and new space to enjoy. Read on, for our top 8 deck resurfacing ideas to give your entire outdoor living space a fresh, new look!

1. Composite Decking

Composite decking may not be a new idea, but the technology in composite decking continues to advance. Some of the popular composite decking brands, like Trex and Deckorators, offer composite decking with heat-mitigating technology for a cool-to-the-touch deck experience. The look and finish of these composite deck boards look so much like wood, that you can barely spot the difference.

The range of color choices is growing each year; from neutral, monochromatic tones, to on-trend, tranquil colors, allowing you to truly customize the look of your deck. If your old deck was made of wood and you upgraded to composite, you will be shocked at the difference this innovative material offers.

A composite deck has the look and feel of natural wood, without the splinters, and the heavy upkeep required in order to keep it looking good and maintaining its structural integrity. The best part of a composite deck is that most are backed by a 50-year limited residential warranty, which just speaks to the longevity of this decking material. You just can’t go wrong by choosing composite decking for your deck resurfacing project.

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2. Eco-Friendly Reclaimed Wood

One of our really unique and trendy deck resurfacing ideas is resurfacing your deck with reclaimed wood.

What is reclaimed wood?

Reclaimed wood or lumber is wood that has been recycled and reused to serve a new purpose. For example, reclaimed wood could come from old barns or buildings or wood pallets used in shipping.

What are the benefits of using reclaimed wood in your deck resurfacing project?

Reclaimed wood has a weathered, distressed look to it which adds a rustic, ethereal quality to your deck. The appeal of using recycled materials to give it a new purpose is a very sustainable practice that many homeowners want to participate in. Not only are you adding a unique element to your outdoor living space, you are doing your part in caring for our planet.

What are things to look out for when choosing reclaimed materials in your deck resurfacing project?

  • Make sure the wood is properly dismantled and free from nails, spikes, etc.
  • Only purchase reclaimed wood that has been inspected and cleared of toxins and paints, as these could cause health issues
  • Ensure the recycled lumber is structurally sound
  • Know the origin of the wood. Wood with a story makes for an interesting conversation with friends.
  • Make sure you’ve selected a wood meant for outdoor use like teak, oak, or redwood.

Depending on the source of your reclaimed wood, it could be a cost-effective solution to resurfacing your deck. Some types of wood will be more expensive than others, so consider doing an accent inlay in the center of your deck, or a privacy screen using reclaimed wood would. Adding these simple elements with reclaimed wood could create a warm, earthy vibe to your newly refinished deck.

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3. Outdoor Rugs and Carpeting

Adding outdoor rugs and carpets to your resurfaced deck can add that warm, cozy feel to your outdoor living space. Using rugs to add a pop of color can freshen up the space. Choosing a circular rug in the center of your deck can help create a sense of belonging and community for your friends gathered there.

Printed outdoor rugs are a popular choice today for resurfaced decks. Think of big, leafy green leaves, brightly colored flowers, or even serene, beachy waves. These bold prints can create an atmosphere of relaxation and serenity, making your backyard a perfect outdoor retreat to get away from the stresses of everyday life.

Using outdoor rugs and carpets is one of our easier deck resurfacing ideas that makes a bold statement. The nice thing about rugs is you can switch them up, reflecting the season or vibe you want to create on your deck. One last thing, outdoor rugs should be sturdy and rugged enough to withstand the elements, so ensure that you are purchasing a rug that is specifically designed to be used outdoors.

Deck Resurfacing Ideas 5

4. LED Lighting Integration

Lighting is another one of our bright ideas for deck resurfacing that can make a big impact on your deck without leaving a big dent in your wallet. LED lighting is an energy-efficient choice that uses 75% less energy than incandescent lighting, so a great, eco-friendly option for deck owners who want to lessen their carbon footprint.

For a really inexpensive option, you can purchase fairy lights and drape them around railings or under a deck umbrella to add a little twinkle to your evening under the stars.

Another excellent option is to install deck lighting during the deck resurfacing process. Most deck builders can easily help create the perfect amount of glow in your deck design. Some choices of deck lighting are:

  • Solar post-cap lights
  • LED post-cap lights
  • Deck rail lights
  • Stair riser lights
  • Recessed deck lighting
  • Aluminum post-cap lighting
  • Wedge deck rail lights
  • Soffit lighting

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5. New Deck Railings

When considering deck resurfacing ideas, don’t overlook the importance of deck railings. Yes, deck railings are a functional necessity, it’s actually against building regulations to not include them. But these deck elements are more than just a safety feature. You can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your deck by incorporating new deck railings. Here are some exciting new ideas to revamp your deck railings:

  • Cable Railings. They offer a sleek and modern look to complement many different architectural styles
  • Glass Panels. If you want to maximize visibility and create a seamless connection with your landscape, glass panels are the way to go.
  • Wood and Metal Combo. Blending the natural warmth of wood with the industrial flair of metal can add visual interest to your deck.
  • Rope Railings. For a nautical or coastal-inspired theme, rope railings can add character to your outdoor space.

Innovative deck railing designs can transform the look of your deck significantly. If you’re unsure which style of railing is right for you, reach out to the designers at Royal Deck who can customize your deck resurfacing project to suit your needs.

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Transform Your Old Deck to a New Deck With Royal Deck

When you have a deck resurfacing project to undertake, there are many things you can do to breathe a new, more exciting life into your outdoor space. The stage is yours, which of our deck resurfacing ideas will you undertake to improve the look and vibe of your outdoor space?

Whether you go for composite, reclaimed wood, outdoor rugs, and carpeting, LED lighting, new railings, or a combination of all, you are entering a new era of your backyard space. Make it what you want, and don’t settle for less. There are many budget-friendly ways to incorporate our deck resurfacing ideas into your project. If you need expert advice, contact Atlanta’s own, Royal Deck, we are waiting to hear from you and are excited to start on your deck resurfacing journey. Contact us today!

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