Upper deck resurfacing & new lower deck in Holly Springs, GA

Project Description

Beautiful upper deck resurfacing and newly constructed lower deck in Holly Springs, GA

In Holly Springs, Georgia, this home boasts a beautifully resurfaced upper deck and a new lower deck addition, both meticulously completed by Royal Deck. The upper deck’s surface gleams with fresh composite boards in a warm, sandy hue, providing a durable and welcoming space for outdoor dining or lounging. With its rich color, the decking material offers a striking contrast to the home’s creamy exterior and the inviting landscape around it.

The newly constructed lower deck extends the living space even further, creating an additional area for relaxation and entertainment. It mirrors the upper level’s design, with matching composite decking and elegant dark railings that ensure safety without obstructing the view. This multi-tiered approach not only enhances the aesthetics of the backyard but also allows for a versatile use of space, whether for large gatherings or intimate family moments in lovely Holly Springs.

Each level is accessible via a set of steps that flow naturally between the decks, inviting movement and interaction between the two spaces. The lower deck sits snugly against the house, surrounded by a lush garden that adds a touch of nature’s beauty to the structure. The strategic design of the dual decks offers a seamless transition from indoors to outdoors, maximizing the enjoyment of the property’s generous backyard in Cherokee County.

Royal Deck’s craftsmanship shines through in the precise installation and the attention to detail that ensures each board aligns perfectly for both visual appeal and longevity. This deck is not just a renovation; it’s a lifestyle enhancement that elevates the entire property. Elevate your outdoor space with Royal Deck. Call us for a deck design consultation!

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