Large deck replacement with cable railings and covered area in Woodstock, GA

Project Description

This newly constructed deck in Woodstock, GA, meticulously built by Royal Deck, boosts a modern outdoor design and versatility. Perfectly replacing an old, deteriorated deck, this updated structure offers a substantial area for relaxation and entertainment. The design incorporates a contemporary blend of dark gray composite decking and striking black aluminum railings that ensure safety while blending the visual connection between the deck and the home’s exterior.

Underneath the deck, practical use of space is evident with neatly installed composite panels that provide a discreet storage solution, keeping garden tools and seasonal items out of sight while maintaining easy access. This intelligent use of space underlines our commitment to maximizing every aspect of the deck’s functionality without compromising on style.

The materials chosen for the deck—premium composite for the surface and robust metal for the railings—were selected for their durability and low maintenance needs, ensuring that the deck remains a lasting addition to the home. These materials withstand the elements beautifully, requiring minimal upkeep while preserving the deck’s aesthetic appeal year after year.

Supported by sturdy construction and enhanced by a covered area for all-weather use, this deck not only extends the living space of the home but also adds significant value to the property. This deck is a prime example of Royal Deck’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction in Cherokee County. For those looking to transform their outdoor spaces into elegant, functional retreats, Royal Deck is your go-to expert. Reach out to us to begin your own backyard transformation!

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