New deck perfect for family gatherings in Johns Creek, GA

Project Description

Quaint and charming new deck perfect for family gatherings in Johns Creek, GA

This delightful new deck in Johns Creek, Georgia, presents a fresh and inviting outdoor space that beautifully complements the home’s vibrant blue siding. Crafted with precision, the deck is surfaced with premium gray composite decking that promises longevity and minimal maintenance, perfect for the changing seasons of Georgia.

The deck design smartly incorporates two staircases, which not only enhances the visual appeal but also increases the accessibility and functionality of the space. The classic white railing system frames the deck, ensuring safety and adding to the charm with its crisp, clean lines.

A set of descending steps provides a seamless connection to the surrounding yard, allowing for easy movement to and from the deck. The lattice skirting around the base of the deck offers a polished finish while cleverly concealing any under-deck storage or utilities.

The deck is spacious enough to host an outdoor dining set, offering a wonderful spot for alfresco meals or morning coffee. Potted plants add a touch of greenery, and the overall setup invites relaxation and casual entertainment in a cozy, suburban setting. This deck not only expands the living space but also enhances the home’s curb appeal, making it a valuable addition to the property. Building a deck in Dekalb County has never been so easy! Royal Deck is your gateway to delightful outdoor living. Inquire now to start crafting your deck!

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