New Deck with Enclosed Pergola in Milton, GA

Project Description

This new deck build took place in Milton, GA, and was a unique challenge for our builders at Royal Deck. The homeowners had spent years perfecting their backyard garden and wanted to create an outdoor living space that complemented their outdoor oasis, rather than detract from it.

The homeowners wanted natural wood, but after consulting with our designers, they instead chose rich composite wood planks, and earthy tones that echoed the natural pallet of the surroundings. They were impressed with how natural the composite materials were, and liked that the composite was made from recycled materials as being environmentally friendly was very important to them.

The railing system is minimalist but robust, featuring sleek black lines that frame the deck without obstructing the view. It’s here that the design really stands out, blending transparency and protection, ensuring that their breathtaking garden remains the focal point.

One final addition to this unique deck design is the enclosed pergola, which allows this space to be a serene sanctuary, perfect for intimate gatherings or a peaceful retreat. The integrated post-lighting adds a subtle touch, creating a warm atmosphere, and allowing for safe evening enjoyment of the deck space in Milton, GA.

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