New pool deck creates an outdoor oasis in Lake Forest, GA

Project Description

Incredible pool deck creates an outdoor oasis in Lake Forest, GA

This bright backyard paradise, masterfully constructed by Royal Deck in Lake Forest, Georgia, is a splendid blend of leisure and style. The expansive pool deck, crafted with precision, features a warm, terracotta-toned composite decking that harmonizes with the cool blue of the swimming pool, creating an inviting contrast that beckons for endless summer days spent lounging and splashing in your own backyard.

The deck’s multi-tiered design offers a seamless transition from the elegant, French-door-adorned home to the refreshing oasis of the pool. Arranged thoughtfully on the deck are plush, white outdoor loungers that provide the perfect spot for sunbathing or sipping cocktails in the shade of an umbrella. A dining area, complete with comfortable seating and a durable, weather-resistant table, invites alfresco dining and evening soirees under the stars.

Flourishes of greenery in strategically placed planters add a touch of nature’s charm of Hall County, softening the deck’s edges and bringing life to every corner. The meticulous landscaping around the deck includes a manicured lawn and decorative stones, enhancing the sense of your own private outdoor oasis.

Royal Deck’s craftsmanship ensures that every board is laid with care, guaranteeing not only an aesthetically pleasing finish but also a durable and safe environment for family and friends to enjoy in Lake Forest. This deck isn’t just a structure; it’s a lifestyle enhancement, a place where every splash and every moment under the sun is a memory in the making. Join Royal Deck today to build the pool deck of your dreams!

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