Wheelchair-accessible raised deck project in Duluth, GA

Project Description

Wheelchair-accessible raised deck brings access to all friends and family in Duluth, GA

This deck in Duluth, GA, thoughtfully incorporates accessibility with its ADA-compliant ramp, blending functionality with elegant design. The ramp’s gentle incline ensures ease of access, allowing everyone to enjoy the outdoor space without the limitations of traditional stairs. The deck’s surface, a beautiful expanse of composite decking, offers durability and a sophisticated aesthetic with its rich, grey tones.

White railings enclose the space, providing safety and a visual contrast that is both striking and classic. The ramp itself is seamlessly integrated into the deck’s design, featuring matching handrails that support a comfortable and safe ascent or descent. The deck is thoughtfully equipped with a lockable gate, ensuring a secure and private outdoor experience. This feature provides peace of mind, allowing for a controlled environment where children and pets can roam freely without the worry of them wandering off. It’s a thoughtful addition that enhances the safety and exclusivity of this tranquil retreat.

The deck extends into a spacious area for entertainment and relaxation, outfitted with both dining and lounge furniture, making it a versatile setting for any gathering in Gwinnett County. Overlooking a lush garden, it provides a tranquil vista and a perfect environment for enjoying nature.

This deck is more than an outdoor area; it’s an inclusive retreat that marries smart, accessible design with the tranquil beauty of Duluth’s natural surroundings. Your custom deck awaits. Collaborate with Royal Deck for a space that’s uniquely yours.

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