Newly resurfaced composite deck in Atlanta, GA

Project Description

Newly resurfaced composite deck in Atlanta, GA, featuring an integrated corner kitchen

This expansive outdoor living space showcases a high-quality composite decking upgrade, complete with an attractive corner kitchen, ideal for entertaining and cooking. Located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia, this deck built by the experts at Royal Deck, offers ample room for dining and relaxation, accentuated by vibrant patio furniture that adds a pop of color to the earthy tones of the design.

The rich, chocolate-hued composite planks provide a durable and inviting foundation, reflecting a modern taste while promising low maintenance and longevity. As the centerpiece, a state-of-the-art outdoor kitchen occupies a cozy corner, boasting stone-clad features that blend seamlessly with the natural surroundings, creating a culinary oasis for the home chef or weekend grill master.

Royal Deck’s attention to detail is evident in the careful placement of outdoor lighting atop the kitchen pillars, ensuring that this space transcends from a sun-soaked haven by day to a warmly lit retreat by night. The inclusion of a built-in grill and prep counters in the kitchen area underscores the deck’s readiness for entertaining, whether it’s a spontaneous barbecue or a carefully planned al fresco gathering.

This deck is not just a renovation; it’s a transformation that extends the living space from the inside out, creating a fluid transition that invites the indoors to meet the great outdoors. Reach out today to get a quote for your deck resurfacing project with Royal Deck!

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