Composite deck with natural wood appearance in Woodstock GA

Project Description

Gorgeous composite deck with natural wood appearance in Woodstock, GA

This remarkable raised deck was constructed by Royal Deck in Woodstock, GA, embodying both elegance and practicality in its design. The deck, an extension of the home’s living space, is strategically elevated, not only providing a vantage viewpoint but also cleverly incorporating a storage area beneath. This under-deck space is perfect for garden tools, outdoor equipment, or even seasonal furniture, keeping the surroundings uncluttered and preserving the aesthetic appeal.

The decking material is a high-quality composite, chosen for its durability and ease of maintenance. Composite decks are celebrated for their longevity, resisting the common pitfalls that beset traditional wood decks such as warping, staining, and frequent need for refinishing.

The color of the composite material is a rich, warm brown, harmonizing with the natural environment while providing a striking contrast to the white exterior of the home.
Encircling the deck is a series of sophisticated railings that blend safety with style. Their dark hue complements the decking, creating a cohesive look. These railings are not merely functional but also contribute to the overall modern aesthetic of the outdoor space. The design is sleek, with clean lines that maintain an open and inviting atmosphere, allowing great views of the surrounding landscape in Cherokee County.

The deck’s multi-tier design adds an architectural element that is both visually pleasing and functional. It creates separate zones for dining and lounging, making it an ideal place for entertaining guests or enjoying a quiet evening outdoors. The steps connecting the different levels of the deck are wide and welcoming, inviting exploration and use of the entire space.

This deck by Royal Deck stands as a testament to contemporary outdoor design, where practicality meets sophistication. It’s a space that doesn’t just add value to the property but enriches the homeowners’ outdoor living experience with its well-thought-out structure and materials. Don’t hesitate, reach out to Royal Deck and let’s build your dream deck!

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