Two-tone deck resurfacing project in Brookhaven, GA

Project Description

Contrasting elegance with a two-tone deck resurfacing project in Brookhaven, GA

This deck resurfacing project by Royal Deck in Brookhaven, GA, is a study in elegant contrasts and functional design. The deck features a richly toned base that provides a striking contrast to the crisp white pergola above, creating a visual anchor for the space. The pergola itself is a standout feature, offering both shade and architectural interest, inviting one to linger outdoors regardless of the sun’s intensity.

The composite decking material is chosen for its warm, earthy hue, harmonizing with the natural surroundings while the white railings and pergola project a fresh, modern feel. This careful selection of colors not only defines the space but also complements the home’s exterior, creating a cohesive aesthetic.

Strategic design choices, such as the contrasting stair risers, draw the eye and add depth to the structure. The steps are framed by railings that mirror the pergola’s color, tying the elements together seamlessly. This attention to detail ensures that the deck is not just a backdrop but a central feature of the home’s outdoor experience.

In addition to the pergola, the deck includes privacy screens that provide seclusion without sacrificing the open feel of the space. These screens are both functional and decorative, adding to the deck’s ambiance and utility. The overall effect is a space that feels both open and intimate, perfect for Dekalb County’s quiet mornings or social evenings.

The deck extends the living space outside, blurring the lines between indoor comfort and the beauty of outdoor living. It’s an inviting area that promises relaxation and entertainment, a testament to Royal Deck’s commitment to quality, style, and craftsmanship. Get the deck you’ve always wanted. Contact Royal Deck and let’s turn your vision into reality!

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